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Line marking services offered in Victoria & Southern NSW

Linemasta Competitive Edge

Quality service is our main concern, but add our prompt service and competitive prices, and you will find
Linemasta’s services hard to beat. We offer line marking for all small, large, new or maintenance projects.
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Sports Courts

Why just have an unused area of concrete when you could have a tennis or netball court, a basketball court, down ball court, mini soccer pitch, bat tennis court, volleyball court, hopscotch or badminton court? We can also implement any custom design you provide in many different colours so you get exactly what you want.
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Industrial & Commercial

We can do car parks, schools and sports courts. If you need to get rid of existing lines, we can black them out for you or blend up a colour that matches the existing surface and paint over them. We also paint safety lines in industrial zones and hazardous areas for you workers safety. 

Civil Construction Line Marking

In civil construction, line marking is usually the last job done and needs to be completed as soon as possible, usually under a deadline. We will help you finish your project on time.Send us your PDF plans or a description of the project and we will help you with the line marking requirements. 
Specific Service Offerings
We also offer some special services. Including: customised logos and symbols, specialised hotel markings (car park and valet areas), airport runway markings, and installation of bollards, speed humps, wheel stops, RRPMs and signage.
Note for Large Projects
Even though all due care is taken, some new car parks look square and symmetrical before the line marking is done but once completed, some bays may not line up with others. We take measurements off the guttering or kerb of a car park. If those are not straight then the car park lines may not line up exactly. We try to make sure that every car-parking bay has enough room for a car. Even if the car park is not symmetrical as a whole, it will be entirely functional.

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If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We look forward to working on your 
next project.

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